The Ten Customer Challenge

Let's Get You Ten Customers Ready To Buy in Ten Days

Here's How It Works

The first point in our W.O.R.K.S. Strategy is to “Win Customers Quickly”. This helps you get to know us and what we do, builds trust (we hope), and most importantly brings in potentially enough revenue at the start to pay for ourselves. A larger-scale version of this comes monthly with each of our plans but here we offer it for FREE right up front. 

If we can’t bring you ten customers in 10 days then we’ll keep working until we do. But if we can bring them ready to buy what you offer, then you give us a shot for three months”

What do you have to lose but more business. We know our strategies work and once you give us a shot we aim to become an indispensible partner in your success and you won’t want toleave. Here’s what we need:

  1. A small amount to share the cost
  2. A list of 200-500 existing customers, prospects or former customers
  3. A special offer for them they will want to use to come back
  4. Permission to contact that list a couple of times or so

To get started, book a Discovery Call below and tell us your ready for the Challenge!