About JKL Works

We Know Wellness Works, Let's Share It With The World

At JKL Works, we do one main thing for wellness businesses…we bring them customers and help t.hem keep those customers coming back. We can do this through a variety of tools and techniques, and there is quite a bit of competition out there who say they can do the same and make big promises. However, we stand out for our transparency in the process and most of all our small business experience. We believe in a “customers now and customers later” philosophy to bring customers in now local connections, reactivation, an online store you can really manage, and a funnel website designed to grab attention. We keep customers later with referrals, good customer service tactics, customer communication that doesn’t overwhelm, and products and services when you need them most.

We have over fifteen years working with, working in, and owning, companies that are small businesses. Most worked to successful perfection, but some did not, and we learned from each one about the markets they serve but also the internal infrastructure needed to do them well. Before that, our founder worked for a company that specialized in maintenance consulting for mills and factories around the world. That company started with the maintenance processes but soon found ways to optimize throughout the entire plant saving lots of money yet keeping efficient employees and helping them to work smarter not harder.

Why Wellness Businesses?

Put simply, we know that wellness works from personal experience. After extended treatments with a well-known chiropractor we didn’t get sick and felt better than ever. If that’s not proof enough, our founder lost 68 lbs. with a nutrition consulting company in 2021. Now, the tools and techniques that businesses like yours offer really make a life-changing difference for your clients. So your business deserves to have a life changing difference made for you as well. 

Before you share what you have with the world, let us help you to show everyone where you are and fill your business with life-changing stories because of what you do and how passionately you do it.

☑️Chiropractic ☑️ Acupuncture ☑️Nutrition Consultants ☑️Fitness Consultants & Trainers ☑️Massage ☑️Dermatology ☑️and More….

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Local Works

All of the basics you need for success right where your business is located with clients in your area

Digital Works

Everything from the Local Works plus more tools to leave a lasting impression on more clients near and far as you spread the word about what you offer

Profit Works

Everything you need to get more customers and take your business to another level with a website, online store, or advertising spread

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John Nelson

John Nelson Co-Owner & Managing Partner

John guides your business through sales and technology as we work with you to set up exactly the program that you need. He is passionate about getting customers for your business and the success which comes with it.

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