Our Services

Which level of Service Brings The Business Life Change You Need?

We offer three systems that are packed with so much value that you won’t know where to start first. Luckily, we’re with you every step of the way from our Ten Customer Challenge through our Days of Purpose onboarding to sustained success. If somehow none of those solutions work for you, we have a group of projects and related services that may help you to accomplish your goals and handle things yourself. 

If after checking out our services and systems, you still can’t find a solution then let’s take 20 minutes to get to know each other and work out a solution for your practice or program…even if it means we don’t work together. We’re here for the industry to make it the best it can be, promote wellness for all, and foster small business success.

By the way, if you have quick questions ask us in the Web Chat on every page.

Part of our W.O.R.K.S. Strategy is to get you “wins” as quickly as possible. For just a taste of what we can do, we offer a Ten Customer Challenge FREE. If we can’t deliver 10 customers ready to buy in 10 days then we’ll work for free until we do. However, if we can deliver those customers then you give us a shot for at least 3 months. This is just a small part of our service to you, but it’s also one that brings real value right away.

Laying the foundation for Wellness Business success is what this lowest cost system is all about. We begin with access to The Works CRM and our LeadConnector App for your mobile device. Then we add messaging for social media, Google, your website and your phone system to ensure that you don’t miss anyone and communicate with all of them. Then we add a proven referral system, an audit of your existing online presence, and the handling of your reputation in new, thorough ways. Add to that a service called Locable to boost your local presence AND connectivity to others. It’s a lot in one package but it’s what you need and we get you set up well and check in on you while the system just works. Check out all that’s involved and get a great price to get started.

This system fills in the “nice to haves” in a dramatic way. We build on our partnership with Locable with their “Grow” plan giving you access to their enhanced blogging features (what they’re known for). We add to that more features in our Works CRM including a Social Media Planner for posting and content marketing, Email and SMS templates, a full email newsletter service to rival the competition. We add SEO functions from Yext and a service giving you 300 backlinks (like 300 articles pointing to you), and the full capability of our CRM system with Pipelines, Opportunities, Surveys, Analytics, Invoicing DIY funnels and websites, and more. Not enough to get it on the page so check it out in greater detail.

Profit Works is our Flagship System with nearly everything we have to offer. The full capabilities of our Works CRM plus one done-for-you automation each month and some new connections for external billing, document signing and much more. The best feature here is our Secure membership Area that you can use in two ways. First, set it up for your patients or participants to get information or exclusive content from you that’s not available to the public. Second, you can use it to sell eCourses, Webinars, or special training that is an upsell for your business. You can also host your website on our high-capacity web servers powered by Google directly. Don’t have a website you say? Want a shop? This level gets you great pricing on our Profit Works Premium Upgrade Projects. Get the full details.

We offer a group of Premium Upgrades in conjunction with our Profit Works System for one key reason. Though these have an upfront cost to set up, maintenance is included in your Profit Works System monthly cost. So Need a website, our Website Works System can build one or the Shop Works System can create an online store on that site or standalone. The Ad Works System takes care of online advertising while the Video Works System brings your presence to another level. Our Course Works System sets up the membership area just like you like it, and if you need a physical and nutritional training program to suppliment what you do then our Fit Works System is ready to help with our own Nationally Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist. Get details on it all inside.

In addition to everything that we have going on here, we have some other “self service” options depending on your needs based on needs that we’ve seen. Plus, it’s a great chance to see what we do in living action as it grows and evolves, and it may just be what you need. Local Directories of businesses and nonprofit organizations, a similar service to ours exclusively for Gyms, a bookstore dedicated to all those great business books you missed, a site full of business services for every need a startup business or new office location might have, and much more.