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With our Local Works System covering the foundations of your Wellness Practice or Program, We can then turn our attention to what you should be doing to help your business grow and thrive…just like those people that you help each day. To do this, our Digital Works System focuses on three areas of The Works CRM, Messaging, and Search Optimization. These “nice-to-haves” are where our systems and processes can really flex their muscles and realize your full optimized potential.

W.O.R.K.S. Strategy
All of our Systems follow our W.O.R.K.S. Strategy

We accomplish these three goals and more with our W.O.R.K.S. Strategy, our Works CRM Backoffice System, and partnerships with services like Locable and more. So, our mid-tier system packs more for your Wellness business than ANY combination of other services.

Email Newsletters, Templates & Social Media

One of the best parts of our system is how many other software services it replaces. We can knock out two here as we expand the reach of your Wellness business. You get a Social media Planner where you can send one post to multiple social media networks as well as a schedule that post to go out in advance. We also give you a robust Email newsletter capability. The best part is that if you need some inspiration you can make use of Email, SMS, and even Social Media Templates. Plus, you get Locable’s top-tier plan which specializes, among other things, in blogging and content. But wait, there’s more….

SEO Foundation To Get Noticed on Google and Elsewhere

Now it’s time to get your practice or program noticed by others outside of your current customers. This is already starting with the content created above but now we work to get you noticed elsewhere. We use Yext to list your business name, phone number, physical location if you have one, and website in dozens of directories and websites. If that’s not enough, we also use a service which creates 300 backlinks to your website or page. This is like having 300 articles written about your company urging people to come to where you are or your place online. This jumpstarts your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a way that’s more cost effective and just as potent as a dedicated SEO effort. But wait, there’s still more…

SEO Performance Search Graphic

More Of The Works CRM

As if all of the features in the Local Works System weren’t enough, you get a lot more from our Works CRM. This includes ways to map the entire customer journey with Pipelines, Opportunities and Analytics. Add to that Forms, surveys, the above-mentioned newsletters & Templates and social media. Finally, you get full DIY access to Funnels, A drag-n-drop Website Builder, and Unlimited users with all the connectivity you need. Finally, add invoicing if you need it and possibly the hidden secret behind our system, automations and workflows to make life much easier. There is one more major trick up our sleeve but it’s reserved for the Profit Works System.

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If you have questions, or are stuck on what you need, then let’s take about 20-minutes to get to know each other. We will answer your questions and you can decide at that point.

Whether you are sure of the system that you want, or you want to take about 20 minutes to get to know us and sort that out, we offer a Ten Customer Challenge for us…not for you. If we CANNOT bring in 10 folks ready to buy in 10 days, then we’ll work until we do. However, if we CAN then you give us a shot for at least 3 months at whatever plan level suits you best. Either way, it costs you NOTHING and introduces you to what we can do for your wellness business to help it grow and thrive. For more info click the title above or the image to the right.

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We combine all of these features and more with our 12 Days of Purpose Onboarding and twice monthly Catchup Meetings to update progress, answer questions, and plan strategies. We have been business owners too, even before we started this, so we are passionate about getting you clients or members and spreading the word about all aspects of wellness. If you’re sure this plan is right for you then get started below. 

If you have questions, click the eLive Chat at the bottom right and during business hours a real person will actually answer. If you’re interested but not sure which plan works for you, Book a Discovery Call where we take about 20 minutes to get to know each other and see if there’s a fit.

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