Blocks Add On To Systems To Make Them Better

We originally developed blocks to be stackable services of smaller volume and price but kept adding value to them so they weren’t much different than the Systems. So we decided to change their mission by making them unique add-ons to our Systems that don’t fit for every need but serve the needs well that they do fit for. Blocks are designed to be month-to-month turn on and off services. However some, like the Membership BLock, are best left on for a long time to ensure customers get full access to their potential.

So look over the blocks below then let’s discuss them during ourĀ 20-minute Discovery CallĀ so we can determine which configuration works best to give your customers, both existing and new that we bring you, an experience tailored to who you are a business.

Funnel Block for Sales Funnels

Funnel Block

Funnels are mini-websites set up for a specific purpose for you to buy, take part, sign up or interact with them. Add to this some clever behind the scenes messaging and some forms to create an experience which is designed to engage those for whom your event, product launch, book launch, seminar or e-course would be ideal.

Ad Block for Google adn Facebook Ads

Ad Block

As the name suggests, this block lets us set up, manage and report on any adds you wish to place on Facebook and Google. With the exception of TikTok, ads are really the only way to reach larger audiences on social media and Google. We’ll take care of everything for you so you don’t have to mess with it and get to reap the rewards. We’ll also report each week on how your ad is doing.

Social Block Done-for-you Social Media Posts

Social Block

Regular posting on appropriate social media, and Google Business if possible, is a great way to grow a following and remain “active” which Google likes. We have tools in our Local Works System to make this downright easy, but in the case that you still don’t know what to say or don’t want to hassle with it, we will post three items on your feeds per week. We will research keywords that work for you and find articles and items that fit those words so it traces back to you so you can worry about other things.

Video Posting Block posting those videos on social media

Video Posting Block

Everyone loves watching videos on social media. You or someone in yoru family likely prove this every day. With this block, we will post two done-for-you videos per week including some from text articles about your business. These videos are dedicated to educate and inform which, ore than a direct sell, is what people will stop and watch and relate back to you.

Our Own Virtual Assistant Block

Virtual Assistant Block

Unlike many marketing companies, we come complete with our own, live, Virtual Assistant. Her name is Liz and her passion is Customer Service and doing it well. If you want some of her time you can reserve five hours a week at this special block price which is discounted over her normal rates. She is already familiar with what we do and how we do it and we support her every step of the eway.

Video Block for Unique Video Applications

Video Block

This block is more unique than most of them in our group as we take two leading-edge video services and put them together. We give access to a unique tool which takes you step-by-step through testimonials, onboarding, or any number of sequences with video instructions to the reviewer plus the chance for them to respond by video. The result is a more interactive experience than most. We also offer the ability to record video tutorials and will do one for you per week with this block.

Community Block for the Business Group near you

Community Block

If you manage, or are a part of, a business or residential community setting which needs a better way for those involved to interact, keep a business calendar including nonprofit and local activity, then let this block handle all of that plus a website set up for the community and ready to go. Let’s talk about how this can grow your community and bring more customers for everyone.

Membership Block for special members only

Membership Block

Did you know there is a membership area tucked inside our Works CRM system. This area lets you set up a secure, user-access secure, location to keep videos, courses, files, and more. These are organized into classes or sections perfect for e-courses and general updates. If you aren’t on our Profit Works Premium plan you can add this area for as long as you need it here.

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