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The Foundation That Your Local Wellness Business Needs

Over the years of being small business owners ourselves (before we turned to marketing for others), we learned that to be successful you need three things. First, Your practice or program should be available and easy to find…even if you don’t have a location to visit. Second, you should be interactive with your client or member community providing real value and good customer service. Finally, your practice or program should have a way for your customers to achieve results quickly.

W.O.R.K.S. Strategy
Our foundation and all that we do is powered by our W.O.R.K.S. Strategy

We accomplish these three goals and more with our W.O.R.K.S. Strategy, our Works CRM Backoffice System, and partnerships with services like Locable and more. So, even our lowest tier system packs more for your Wellness business than ANY combination of other services.

Locable Dashboard

Online Presence Done Completely

To build this foundation, we start with your Online Presence powered largely by a service called Locable™️ that connects your business to others along with consumers and even communities where you are. It’s their mission to do so, and they help us with services spread throughout all of our Systems. You will start at their Build plan level and we think you’ll be impressed. We then do a basic audit of your Google Business Profile and any Facebook/LinkedIn Business Profile Pages you have. Making sure all of this is in line helps your business to be “genuine” to Google and others per their 2022 initiatives. We cover most of this in our 7 Days of Purpose onboarding so you are set up for success.

Customer Service & Client Communication

Every business, regardless of what they provide, must do customer service well to succeed. To do customer service well, you must be in communication with current clients and upcoming prospects alike. This is where we stand out over others starting with a FREE LeadConnector App for IOS or Android for as many of your staff as you need to communicate with customers and prospects. This app combines Facebook Business Messages, Instagram Direct Messages, Google Business Messenger, Emails and SMS/Text Messages all in one place. Add to that a Live Chat feature for your website and a Missed-Call Text-Back service so you don’t miss anyone. You can respond to all of this in the app and even reply with video if you need to demonstrate something. Most of the above features are also available in the Works CRM website as well in case the mobile app isn’t your thing. So you will be connected to new prospects and current clients in the same way during business hours with our AI attendant to field messages overnight so you don’t have to. If live won’t due, we give you Calendars & Appointments.

Not sure which system works for your situation?

Schedule a 20-Minute Discovery Call Today

If you have questions, or are stuck on what you need, then let’s take about 20-minutes to get to know each other. We will answer your questions and you can decide at that point.

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Referrals, Reputation, and Ongoing Offers

With your online presence and client/prospect communications in place, it’s time for some essential methods to get quick and sure wins. Reputation Management, as in good reviews and quick response, is essential to any business. We also work to get former customers re-engaged with a Client Win-Back Program. Finally, we advocate a “Pay For Referrals” strategy since these prospects are the most likely to buy since your most loyal clients referred them. We show you these strategies and more twice monthly during our catchup calls with you and any of your staff you feel should participate.

Whether you are sure of the system that you want, or you want to take about 20 minutes to get to know us and sort that out, we offer a Ten Customer Challenge for us…not for you. If we CANNOT bring in 10 folks ready to buy in 10 days, then we’ll work until we do. However, if we CAN then you give us a shot for at least 3 months at whatever plan level suits you best. Either way, it costs you NOTHING and introduces you to what we can do for your wellness business to help it grow and thrive. Click the title above or image to get more information.

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We combine all of these features and more with our above-mentioned 7 Days of Purpose Onboarding and twice monthly Catchup Meetings to update progress, answer questions, and plan strategies. We have been business owners too, even before we started this, so we are passionate about getting you clients or members and spreading the word about all aspects of wellness. If you’re sure this plan is right for you then get started below. 

If you have questions, click the eLive Chat at the bottom right and during business hours a real person will actually answer. If you’re interested but not sure which plan works for you, Book a Discovery Call where we take about 20 minutes to get to know each other and see if there’s a fit.

Some Advice About Local Works Features