Profit Works Premium

Take Your Wellness Business To Another Level

Not everyone needs these capabilities. Our core services are designed to give you and your staff maximum value and ROI as we take care of the “little things” for your patients or participants so that you don’t have to. Yet, there may be other related projects that you have been putting off because you didn’t have the time or expertise to do it the right way. 

We have put these systems together as stand-alone services for the bulk of setup work. So that setup is priced separately from your Profit Works System. Yet, the maintenance after the setup is included in your plan as it’s largely minimal after the initial push. Click the title or photo for more information on each of these systems. As a reminder, they are NOT available with any other plan. If you have questions, use the live chat or contact us.

We can put together a fully customized, top-performing website no matter whether it’s just a small funnel or multi-page information center. We then pack it full of value and features to attract customers, inform them, and show them that you are the resource for what they need. All is done at a very reasonable price. But the best part is that we tie it into all of the systems you have working for you so there is no disconnect. We can then host it on our World Class Hosting Platform powered by Google Cloud so you know it will be insanely fast.

If your Wellness business or program sells physical items that are not eCourses (don’t worry, we have a better solution for that below) then we can help you sell those products online. Your customers can be across the country or those who decide they want things delivered just a few miles away to their doorstep. We are a Shopify Partner but have also embraced WooCommerce to meld into the look and feel of your existing website or the one you host on our Website Works platform. Either way, your products reach new audiences, help to support the work you are already doing in people’s lives, and provide an extra revenue source for your business.

No matter how much of our foundation of online presence, referrals, communication and reputation management, that you have in place…there will likely come a time when online advertising will be needed to reach new audiences. This is perfectly normal, but you will discover that navigating Google or social media is difficult at best. That’s where our Ad Works System comes in. We work with you to choose the best “channels” to advertise your Wellness business in. We then set about helping you to create that message about what you want to offer or say in a way that gets attention and creates traffic (virtually and possibly physically if you have a location). We help you set up text and graphical ads, test them for you, add features to help them stand out, and put them in the best places for success.

It’s hard to deny that video is becoming the dominant force for spreading the word about everything from news to training to yes, businesses of all types. You will struggle to find someone who uses the internet but hasn’t gone to YouTube for something. TikTok too, to spite its contraversial ownership ties, has catapulted to the top of our collective time spent online watching video “shorts” both educational and downright silly. When you are ready, and have meaningful contributions to offer, you SHOULD be on video. Our Video Works System helps to create the ads and video posts that you need, puts you in a position to make video a regular part of your business and even brings in services like video testimonials as a regular part of what you do for your customers.

In our main Profit Works System we introduce the power of a Secure membership Area for the training of your patients or participants as well as an opportunity to sell access to eCourses or Webinars for you for profit. If you like this idea, but setting it all up sounds daunting, then let our Course Works System do it for you. We will set it all up, create the outline to follow of training to meet the goal you want to accomplish, gather the materials you have, and help you create the ones that you don’t, and put it all into a cohesive package for your perspective audience. This requires input and help from you of course but can save you many hours of work trying to get the best result you want. We then help you promote the end result through the systems you already have with us so everyone learns about them and makes use of them.

If Fitness and Nutrition are a key part of your Wellness Business, but you feel like you are struggling to keep up, then our Fit Works System can help. We offer this as a stand-alone service for Gyms and Fitness businesses but will offer a version here for you since you’re working the marketing side with us already. What makes this unique is that these Fitness Challenges and Plans are created exclusively by our own in-house ISSA Certified Fitness and Nutrition Expert Dawson Ladd. If you think this might be a good plugin option for what you’re already doing, then talk to us about what that might look like and connect with Dawson himself to customize the solution for you.

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