Course Works System

Turn Your Knowledgebase into a customer benefit or sales opportunity for you

One major addition to our Profit Works System is a secure, Members-Only Area located inside our Works CRM Backoffice that’s set up just for your Wellness business. This area can be divided into as many “sections” or “folders” as you need. Inside each one you can place videos, images, documents, instructions and much more. All of this is kept safe and secure and YOU control who gets access and who doesn’t. 

So, what might you do with something like this? We offer two suggestions: First, it can be the home of all kinds of training for your customers such as home exercises, nutrition plans or recipes, how to prepare for sessions with you, and more. The other option is to take that knowledge, or some other course you offer, and charge for access to it for your customers now, or customers who come to you exclusively for this information. That makes this service billable and powerful as it pays for itself each month and then some.

If all of that sounds amazing, but the setup and management of such a service scares the daylights out of you, consider letting us handle it all for you with our Course Works System. We handle everything for you in setup and “virtual Construction” of your secure area. If you need content created for this we can help with that as well.

Membership Area Created

We set up your structure, outline and progression, and place links to videos, documents, and other files where they need to go. We then link it to your website and set up permissions for access by your customers. If the membership area requires payment to get access, we connect that service as well. We then hand you the keys and show you how to use it within our system. What could be easier?

Do You Need Material?

We hope you see by now the kinds of possibilities this membership area can offer but we realize there may be one major obstacle to your success. Do you have enough material produced to provide the type of value that you envision inside your membership area? If not, then don’t worry, we can develop or produce what you need and include in your Course Works setup. If you need videos produced, content written, infographics generated, or images located, we can do all of this for you. Don’t let this be the obstacle that kills your vision of providing something to your customers that no one else does. We can help you make it happen.

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Do You Have Enough Material?

One of the things we discover in helping businesses like yours, especially with our Shop Works Premium Addon, is that while all of this is wonderful to get started, the transition still must be made from your system to ours. Or, material for courses like this may not be out of someone’s head yet so turning it into reality may be tougher than you realize. Spend some time in thought and create an outline of the course(s) you want to offer, see what material you already have to accomplish this, and then make a list of any material you still need to complete the course creation and where this material will come from. Having a plan before you start makes a tremendous difference in how you finish.

Part of the Profit Works System

Of course, this project will become a part of our Profit Works System once it’s created and finished. This gives you access to all of our customer-getting strategies, tools, and methods. We are also constantly building on these strategies with new done-for-you automations and outside connections to handle the back office items and “little things” so you don’t have to. If that’s not enough, the maintenance of your membership area is a part of this service so we won’t leave you hanging out there with something you can’t manage.

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