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Your Wellness program or practice deserves no less than us pulling out all the stops to help you spread the word about the life-changing treatments, programs or procedures that you offer. We saved one special feature of our Works CRM for our highest level because it has the potential to bring your business and your message to a different place. More about that below, along with its potential to generate more revenue for you than you thought possible. We also know this system can be overwhelming, so we offer white glove service with one done-for-you workflow automation every month to help things move smoothly as well as some extra external connections and automations like agreement signing and connections to other pieces of software which may be unique to you.

At this level, we also offer exclusive access to our Profit Works Premium Projects to accomplish project-based items you have on your to-do list waiting for the right opportunity and experience to come along.  All of these features are a part of our W.O.R.K.S. Strategy that we constantly check all that we do against…

W.O.R.K.S. Strategy

Putting this all together in our Works CRM system and LeadConnector App can replace all of these other services for you.

Profit Works Replaces

MailChimp - E-mail Marketing$59.00Hootsuite - Social Media Marketing$49.00
GoDaddy - Website Hosting$12.00ClickFunnels - Funnel Hosting$97.00
Yext - Directory Listings$83.00CallRail - Call Tracking$45.00
ClickSend - Texting Service$1.73 per number, $0.03 per textMailgun = E-mailing Service$35.00 + $0.0008 per email
Calendly for Appointment Scheduling$15.00Podium - Chat Bot Widget$450.00
Pipedrive - Sales Pipeline and Workflows$49.00Hubspot CRM$45.00
Kajabi - eCourseware creator and host$119.00Zapier for some$73.50
Wufoo Forms$39.00Survey Monkey$32.00
# of Apps16Total Price Per Month$1,264.25
Here is a list of software and the corresponding monthly prices that the Profit Works system replaces

We know that sounds like a lot. A lot of value and possibly a lot of work, but we do our best to ease you into all of this in ways you can relate to showing you value every step of the way as customers start showing up at your perverbial door who want to know more about what you do or what you offer. Add to that a need you might have for a website, shop, online advertising, video advertising, a fitness or nutrition program, or perhaps thatspecial members-only area done for you. These are the Profit Works Premium projects that we have available for you.

We saved the Premium opportunities for last for very good reasons. First, we want to make sure the foundation is in place for all of our systems because without it we all won’t do our best work. Second, not everyone needs these things done at their practice or program so they are add-ons even here. Finally, there will be upfront costs for each of these to get started, but the maintenance of them will be a part of your Profit Works System since it’s rarely needed over and above what is already going on. Choose your upgrade ONLY if you need, then read on…

Your Secure Membership Area

We are pleased to offer your own, secure, membership area right inside The Works CRM. You don’t share it with anyone…it’s all yours and there are two amazing use cases for it. First, use it internally for patients, participants or program members. You can host training sessions, webinars, video series, how-tos, talks, and much more for members only as a value-added service. But the coolest part might be that you can host external events and programs here as well and charge membership fees for access. For online coaches, you can host everything here without buying extra software and the customer interactions and billing are baked in right where you are. In this way, our service truly pays for itself with increased customers and payment for access.

Not sure which system works for your situation?

Schedule a 20-Minute Discovery Call Today

If you have questions, or are stuck on what you need, then let’s take about 20-minutes to get to know each other. We will answer your questions and you can decide at that point.

Online Presence on three devices

Outside Integrated Power

In addition to the abundance of features that you get with the Works CRM, there is even more you can do with it once you start pulling in outside services through automation. We add some of those for you such as document signing, Cloud Drive integration from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc, and more depending on your needs or software requirements. 

Done For You Automation Workflows

The strength of our Works CRM system is the shear limitless possibilities you can put together through its automated workflows. This can handle lots of simpler, background, activities for you so you can focus on other tasks. Many of these automated workflows have been working hard for you already in our other plans, but now we will create One automated workflow for you each month of your choosing. Just brainstorm with us as to what you need handled and we’ll set about finding a way to handle it. You will be surprised how many useful tasks can get done “automagically” so you don’t have to think about them so you can focus on patients or participants.

Whether you are sure of the system that you want, or you want to take about 20 minutes to get to know us and sort that out, we offer a Ten Customer Challenge for us…not for you. If we CANNOT bring in 10 folks ready to buy in 10 days, then we’ll work until we do. However, if we CAN then you give us a shot for at least 3 months at whatever plan level suits you best. Either way, it costs you NOTHING and introduces you to what we can do for your wellness business to help it grow and thrive. Click the Title Above or Picture for More details.

Choose Profit works system

We combine all of these features and more with our 21 Days of Purpose Onboarding and twice monthly Catchup Meetings to update progress, answer questions, and plan strategies. We have been business owners too, even before we started this, so we are passionate about getting you clients or members and spreading the word about all aspects of wellness. If you’re sure this plan is right for you then get started below. 

If you have questions, click the eLive Chat at the bottom right and during business hours a real person will actually answer. If you’re interested but not sure which plan works for you, Book a Discovery Call where we take about 20 minutes to get to know each other and see if there’s a fit.

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