The Value-pakced Core of what we offer is here

If you have been working through either our Digital Blueprint Process or our Quick Start Process then you already may be aware of these services and how we bundle them together to provide real value and save money over a la carte versions. If you are just clicking or came across this page without either of those assessments underway, know that we have a specific way of doing this so we have a better understanding of your business, your goals, your needs, your assets, and your liabilities so there are no surprises between us. We have found this way just works better not only for our relationship but also for your success.

That said, here is a rundown of each bundled service we provide. Each one has its own page so be sure to click for more information. Each bundled “system” starts with a kickoff package to get things set up and running properly plus we use part of that remaining first month to test the systems we put in place for you. From there, we go into “The Works” Maintenance services for you to continue that system until changes or upgrades are made. During each system, we update you a couple of times per month regularly or as any situation warrants. We are also available for questions.

With this system, we can take almost everything we offer and roll it into one place. This is a fully configured for you CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System geared toward everything we will handle for you so you can focus on sales and your customers. This is great for customer communication and interaction as well as bringing in new customers and helping them to feel comfortable with you. We also give you the keys though to the virtual office so you get to use it for yourself, track your customers, communicate with clients and prospects, and not worry about the back-office details of time-consuming “little things” because they are done for you. A higher version of this even offers a secure “membership area” for training, eCourses and more.

You are a small business in a community of small businesses trying to stand out. Today the best chance you have of survival is to band together with other small businesses in your area who are surviving just like you. This includes those who don’t offer what you do as well as those who do. We have a system to connect you to others, give you a proven referral and reputation system, get you propelled higher in Google searches, and provide an impressive approach to blogging and community engagement you will love. If you need an online store or a better website, our Local Works Premium system can help. Let us help you bring in more customers and keep your life blood going.

There has never been a better time to have an online store than now. Whether you are a local business who is ready to take their products to the world or a home-based side hustle looking for some “mailbox money” for your talents, we can help you every step of the way. We have a great package to get you connected and noticed in multiple “channels” across the internet. If you need business growth advice along the way then rest assured we are here for that as well.

We can put together a fully customized, top-performing website no matter whether it’s just a small funnel or multi-page information center. We then pack it full of value and features to attract customers, inform them, and show them that you are the resource for what they need. All is done at a very reasonable price.

This is the best system if you are just starting out but have a website or shop of your own.  This brings customers in now with Online Presence plus draws from existing customer lists for Referrals, Reputation Management and Message Marketing so you get quick success. We add to this a funnel to promote a book, an event, or something else which needs a quick return or call to action.

If you own a gym or fitness facility and are looking for every way possible to compete for customers in times that tend to sacrifice fitness more than they should, have we got a dominating program for you. We’ve teamed up with ISSA-Certified Nutritionist and Trainer Dawson Ladd to offer many of the same features as our Local Works System above PLUS access to a collection of 8-Week Fitness & Nutrition Challenges which no one in your area is doing yet, but will if you don’t bring them into your facility. You also get our handshake guarantee that no one in your area will compete against you with these same programs for added peace of mind and transparency.

Our systems offer a lot of value for the money, and those which offer upgrades bring even more. But there are specific products or add-ons which we left out because they don’t apply to everyone. That said, we offer some unique and cutting-edge services which your competitors, and frankly most of ours, are not using but should. That is YOUR advantage so you get a jump-start. To see these blocks for yourself visit our block service offerings.