Master Your Local Area 4+1+1 with the 3+4+5 local works system

Local businesses have been through some very tough times in the past few years. Through no fault of their own they have been forced to become very creative with customer service, sales, the supply chain and now purchasing. At the heart of it all is the driving uel every business needs, their customers. That customer base helped many to survive and forced others to slowly go out of business because they didn’t nurture the customer community that they have. To help your small business become a survivor, we have teamed up with a unique service called Locable who is dedicated to rebuilding our local communities through business interconnectivity with non-profit organizations and the communities they all serve.

Our Local WOrks System adds our proven Referral System, listing in over 300 Local Directories and Sites, our Works CRM with its automation and messaging capabilities to the Locable Platform‘s local connections to other businesses, their revolutionary content and blogging system, and their general marketing training which is ideal for empowering small businesses.

They do this through a method they call their 3+4+5 Framework and Approach. Basically there are 3 reasons to market your business: (1) attract & serve customers, (2) grow & retain your team and (3) positively impact your community. 4 reasons people should choose your business: Experience, Expertise, Likability and Values. 5 ways people find you: Referrals, Advertising/Promotion, Emails, Search Engines and Local Connections. We help you work through this so your business can focus on all the new customers who find you through our team efforts together.  If you need an online shop or a website, we have a premium upgrade to set you up with this at a fraction of the cost of others.

Locable Dashboard

The Locable Dashbord as a Local Business FOundation

The foundation of our Local Works System is the Locable Platform. This features their Local Connections service connecting yours to other businesses and community calendars for your events. IN this way, other businesses and organizations can see what you have going on. Add to this easy method for getting reviews, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and Message Marketing. Where this service shines through is how they handle Content Marketing and Blogging. Their Guided Blogging feature helps you stay in touch with everyone even if you’re not a writer. You can add all of this to your website, or the Premium version of this can build a website or a Shopify Store for you. We set up everything for you so it’s ready to use. If that’s not enough we then add the services below.

Message Marketing

Just as in our Customer Discovery Method we used when we first meet, our Works CRM System combines two vital background services into what we call Message Marketing. First, we use it as a quick tool to reach out to current and former customers with an offer to come back and buy from you again. Depending on the offer, success rates range from 30%-50% where even 1-2 more customers can economically matter to your organization. Second, we put automations in place to address customer follow-up around appointments and interactions, so your business is in constant contact with its customers at the time they need to hear from you most. Together, these aspects of message marketing help client retention and customer success.

referrals welcome sign

Referral Program

Whether you know it or not, referrals are your most powerful, most economical, tool in the arsenal to support your business. This is because referred customers are more than 75% likely to buy from you IF they are referred by someone who had a good experience with you. At JKL Works, we advocate a Pay For Referrals system both to our clients AND in our own business. The reason is simple. We will spend far less money rewarding a good customer for bringing their friends than we will spend with any other sales or client method there is. Imagine how much fun life would be if every customer of yours just brought one more person to you. Then, let’s talk about what that looks like for your business.

Ready for more customers?

Schedule a 20-Minute Discovery Call Today

If at any point you have seen what you need, let’s take about 20 minutes to get to know each other to see if there is a fit. You will know at the end of the call if you want to continue. If you have a list of former or current customers we can show you results for free using our Customer Discovery Method and a few days’ time.

SEO & Online Presence

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the analytical art of getting your listing to the first page of Google searches and/or the top three of the “map pack” organically without help from advertising. Research shows us that 97% of those who need turn to online searches looking for solutions. Of those, nearly 90% of searchers won’t go past the first page to find what they are looking for. We take a ground-up approach which is less expensive for a growing business with a similar effect. We capture all three elements of a reasonable SEO effort with over 300 local, unique, listings and linking articles (backlinks) covered in one swoop. We also look at your keywords and on-page content from your website to ensure that everything matches. This approach takes less time than a typical SEO engagement to show results. What normally takes 3-9 months takes just a few weeks with our methods. We then ensure your Google Business and Social Media Presence is optimized to match which helps the process along much faster.

Online Presence on three devices
Reputation management

Reputation Management

We all look for reviews when we are trying something new, so those online reviews should be accurate and fair for your business. 3 out of 4 people trust companies with positive online reviews. Our Reputation Management service gets those reviews from recent customers and puts a process into place that asks for reviews after you do business with someone, so you don’t forget. Every additional one-star Yelp rating causes an increase in the business’s revenue as high as 9% so you literally can’t afford to be without this.

Premium System Upgrade

As touched on above, our Local Works Premium adds a ready-to-use Website or a Shopify Store which is plugged into the entire system and handed to you ready to go. Selling products online, or reaching a larger audience, can help you to grow and diversify outside of your smaller geographic area in ways you might not have thought possible. The build is a one-time cost which you’ll find to be far less expensive than most options out there, then we help you to maintain it and optimize it for the best value possible from your online presence.