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In addition to all of the value we provide our Wellness Clients like you, there are some other needs that we see out there which are not being met. These are some experiences we are almost as passionate about as we are your success, so if they meet needs that you have then check them out and refer friends in other businesses.

In 2020 a business we became involved in opened an office in Houston adding to their group of offices across the U.S. Setting up basic necessities became a pain for those unfamiliar with the area, its deregulated electricity, who does internet, and more. A company came to the rescue offering internet, phone service, and more if it was needed. We’re not sure they are in business, but it gave rise to a vision to offer similar for folks who want to open an office, move to a new location, move into or out of their home office, or who are looking for a service to accomplish what they need done for business. PluginBusiness.Net is a group of companies we have affiliated with, and whom we have vetted, to provide quality service filling the needs you have. If you find a service there that solves a problem you have, please use the link on the site so that we benefit a little as well. Thank you.

Chances are pretty good that as your business has grown and developed you have been influenced by some book, author, speaker or program. Whether that’s how to create a business with your particular area of Wellness expertise or the leveraging of basic business principles, there is probably at least one book that deserves some credit for forming your principles or foundations. We have several, adn some of them aren’t in print anymore, so we are creating the Entrepreneur Bookstore with print books, eBooks, audio books, courses, and more in many aspects of business from A-Z. Keep checking back and if something catches your eye you should get it. We try to revisit older titles too that hold value but may have been supposedly replaced by newer, better options.

If your Wellness Business is in the north Houston or Montgomery County, Texas, area then this directory is for you. If you’re already using our services then we can link you here for free with Locable. We are looking for businesses of all types and nonprofit organizations to help us create this resource for our home area. Later we will add other cities as well and if you want to be a part of that then let us know.