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Every business, Wellness or otherwise, needs key services like bookkeeping, IT Support, Payment Processing, Legal, Financing, Logistics, and more. Whether you are opening a new location or trying to make the most of your current one, it’s good to have a reliable network of resources you can call on to solve problems and perhaps save a little money doing so for your bottom line.

Our sister site, Pluginbusiness.net, has all of this and more. Below are some highlights but the catalog is ever-expanding as we vette more and more businesses.

JKL Payments by ECI

JKL Payments Powered by ECI

If your business processes credit cards, then we can save you significant amounts of money each month while providing you the service you are probably not getting from your current provider. JKL Payments is powered by Electronic Commerce International (ECI) who have been processing credit cards for over 20 years so they get great fee rates from Visa and Mastercard. We can save your business from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars every month.  Talk to us

Legal Shield

One of the services that small businesses truly need, but don’t seek until it’s too late, are legal services. That’s because lawyers are expensive and frankly, not always needed. However, when you need one, you NEED one, even for contractual issues or requests for payment. Legal Shield is a service that lets you pay a monthly service for access to attorneys where you are. If you don’t use the time you pay for, it adds up. This covers most administrative law items but should you have to go to Court, you get a discount on the rates involved. It’s a great service to have and you will use it more than you realize for all sorts of issues. Talk to us about how it works.

Legal Shield / IDShield
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Do You Have Enough Material?

One of the things we discover in helping businesses like yours, especially with our Shop Works Premium Addon, is that while all of this is wonderful to get started, the transition still must be made from your system to ours. Or, material for courses like this may not be out of someone’s head yet so turning it into reality may be tougher than you realize. Spend some time in thought and create an outline of the course(s) you want to offer, see what material you already have to accomplish this, and then make a list of any material you still need to complete the course creation and where this material will come from. Having a plan before you start makes a tremendous difference in how you finish.

Part of our Plugin Projects

Of course, this project will become a part of our Plugin Projects once it’s created and finished. This gives you access to all of our customer-getting strategies, tools, and methods. We are also constantly building on these strategies with new done-for-you automations and outside connections to handle the back office items and “little things” so you don’t have to. Each Project has its own billing and circumstances but they all fit into our systems nicely so you’re not left out there.

Plugin Projects System