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Add Full Fitness and Nutrition Programs and Challenges

This project addon is clearly not for everyone, but if your Wellness business has a need for a fitness or nutrition component in what you offer your customers, then we have a great option ready to step in adn help. His name is Dawson Ladd and he is a nationally recognized ISSA-Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach. He has achieved impressive results for dozens of his own clients, and we’re already working with him to offer similar services for Gyms and Fitness facilities so this is a natural extension to comapnies like yours.

Dawson has already designed plugin fitness challenges covering all areas of fit health, and he can customize a fitness or nutrition component to what you do as well. We then add it directly into your existing system set up and ready to go so the Fit Works System brings an extra dimension to the practices you already have which is customized just for your situation.

Dawson ladd Fitness

Meet Dawson ladd

Dawson Ladd is a nationally recognized, and very accomplished, Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Coach. He has helped dozens of clients achieve their fitness goals, and continues to find ways ot reach out to the world expanding his fitness challenges. Those fitness challenges work on everything from weight loss to glutes, abs, cardio health and much more. Plus, each challenge comes with its own nutrition plan that can be adapted in many ways for different situations. Each of these challenges is eight weeks long and can be repeated or chained with other goals. If after talking with him you find that one of these pre-built challenges fits what you need then setup and roll out is quick and easy. If not, then read on below.

Customized Progras

If you like the idea of adding this component to the services that you offer your customers, but you have unique needs and the existing set of “challenges” won’t fit them. Consider having Dawson create a custom program for you. The costs are reasonable and a tailored approach will truly help your business stand out. He can customize exercises, meal strategies, and more specifically to your business. He can target certain muscle groups or parts of the body to prepare them for your work, or recover from intensive sessions. We will get you set up, map your needs, and arrive at a plan to accomplish your goals in a way that works seamlessly with our systems.

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ready to go premium?

Did You See A Profit Works Premium System You Like?

Choose your system, answer a couple of questions, and set up a time to talk about it with us…no obligation but you DO get a great conversation about what’s best to help your Wellness business thrive

Complete Courses and Documentation

Every fitness or nutrition program comes with full documentation, videos for every aspect, training for the trainers, office hours by Dawson to answer questions or troubleshoot, a private group of those on similar program journeys, and much more.

A Valued Plugin Project

If you want to make this strategy a part of your offerings, , we then make it a part of our Plugin Projects. This means that you not only get the benefit of us supporting your fitness or nutrition program as long as you are with us, but also we leverege the full power of all of the customer gathering and client communicating services that we provide. Leveraging the full power of everything we offer wil propel your wellness business higher allowing you to focus on the services that you provide to your customers to help ensure the real life changes they come to you seeking.

Plugin Projects System