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There May never be a better time to sell your products online than now

Over and above the services that you provide, yourWellness business may have actual products to sell at your physical location(s). This can add a great deal of cohesiveness to your community that you are creating around your core services.

A Chiropractor we went to offered healthy snacks, farm fresh milk and locally raised eggs, and nutrition supplements to support what they were already doing with healthy bodies as they adjusted them. If you are contractually able from the supplier, making products available online for local or nationwide delivery can be a fantastic way to support the community you are fostering and generate extra revenue both for you and the providers of the products.

If you decide that having a shop online, even for local delivery, is feasable for your business then we are here to help with our Shop Works System. We are a Shopify partner if you want a standalone store connected to every channel where you need to be. We are also a WooCommerce provider if you have an existing WordPress website or you want a more robust website than just a store. 

We set you up with the platform of your choice, make recommendations to get it noticed, and help you with crucial stages such as cataloging your products and dealing with logistics. We hand you a store ready to go generating revenue for you then leverage our Profit Works System to keep that revenue coming in and the outreach that goes with it.

Your own Shopify Store

Shopify is seemingly everywhere now with good reason. If you don’t have a a website to speak of but want an online store which is easy to administrate and deal with, then this might be your platform of choice. We are a Shopify Partner and understand what it takes to create the store, bring in your products, connect vital services, and get you noticed. Shopify has some unique “issues” to deal with but their support of the platform is awesome. We connect it to services of our own in our Works CRM System for dynamic customer-supporting activities.

WooCommerce For Power and Flexibility

If you have an existing website on WordPress, or you have a look and feel that you want a store to blend into, then perhaps WooCommerce might be a better option for your Wellness business. WooCommerce is a fully functional shop that adds on seemlessly to WordPress websites to take advantage of the look and feel your site already has. You can sell products you have or affiliated or drop-shipped products from elsewhere. You can get paid and connect to all of the same ways to get noticed as Shopify. Plus, our Works CRM System fits even more seamlessly into WooCommerce so you can track your customers and communicate with them better. We can even host the site for you on our World-Class platform powered by Google.

WooCommerce for WordPress
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Rework The Store You Have

If you have an existing Shopify Store or WooCommerce Site that you feel needs some updating, or has never worked the way that you wanted it to, consider letting our team have a look. We can identify and fix any issues that are causing it to look bad or not do what it’s suposed to, optimize the store or site for currentand some future “best practices”, and connect it to our Works CRM System as a part of your Profit Works System to ensure that it brings in customers to support what you’re alrady doing and gets the message out about your business and services.

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Did you see a plugin that you like?

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Get Products Online

One of the biggest obstacles that we encounter to starting an online store is just getting the products posted. No matter which system you use, each product you offer must be uploaded, given sufficient pictures to show what it is or looks like, and must have an accurate description and price so visitors can make informed decisions about it and whether they want to buy.  This is proving to be harder for folks than they may initially think. The process itself isn’t hard, but coming up wiht the details and pictures seems to be. We are constantly working on ways to make this easier for businesses like yours 

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Host Your WooCommerce Store here

If you have a store powered by WooCommerce and WordPress, or we are building one for you, we can host it on our incredibly fast, Google Cloud-powered, platform inside our Works CRM system so you don’t miss anything. Your site and store will then be directly connected to our customer-building and communicating strategies. Speed is also very highly regarded by Google adn other sites, as well as visitors to those sites, as an appealing reason to stay and explore what you have to offer.

Part of Our Plugin Projects

Of course, this project will become a part of our Plugin Projects once it’s created and finished. This gives you access to all of our customer-getting strategies, tools, and methods. We are also constantly building on these strategies with new done-for-you automations and outside connections to handle the back office items and “little things” so you don’t have to. Each Project has its own billing and circumstances but they all fit into our systems nicely so you’re not left out there.

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