Video Works System

Accelerate All That You Offer With The Power of Interactive Video

YouTube, TikTok, and now even Facebook and Instagram Reelz, are testaments to the power of video for grabbing our attention and keeping it for longer than most of us expect. The power of video to educate and entertain is undeniable as anyone who has looked up a “how-to” video on YouTube will tell you. This power of video must be a part of your Wellness business so we created the Video Works System to make that a reality.

This system leverages the power of video advertising on YouTube (because lately the same ads come up which means not enough companies are advertising) along with TikTok videos (pending its regulatory future) and other places to put videos. We handle the ad setup and even some production if you like. We also leverege some other video services for testimonials and blog posting as they fit your plan. The end result is a powerful video presence for your business which will more than get results.

Please Note: The price for this system does NOT include any ad spend.

Introducing Interactive Video

If you have looked around our website at all, you have likely come across videos that we have posted. If you watch one long enough you’ll see something you’ve never seen in any other video, the ability to choose what you see next. This is called Interactive Video and the possibilities for its uses are nearly limitless. Sales, training, product information or even configuration can all be handled with interactive videos.  Let’s make some for your business.

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YouTube Shorts


Love it or hate it, YouTube continues to adapt itself so it remains the go-to resource for videos of all kinds. How-to videos, webinars, music videos, documentaries and more make their way into our watchlists every day. YouTube adapts to competitors with features like YouTube Shorts and video podcasts. Lately though advertising seems to be more limited with the same videos appearing for ads which means there is not enough inventory. So your business has a chance to get great advertising deals and reach more people with video on the largest platform for such in the world.


Over the past three years or so, new video social network TikTok has come out of nowhere to become a major force on the back of one particular genre of the short video clip. The addictive nature of these videos along with a generous algorithm designed to reach more people than you might think has resulted in explosive growth of this site and service. Advertising on this service is very reasonable and thanks to new features it’s much more robust. But unlike anywhere else, posts that people make which are not ads were outperforming paid video advertising on TikTok and blowing away anything YouTube could offer. TikTok’s future is uncertain though due to its developer Byte Dance’s ties to the Chinese Government. Once this is resolved we can help make it a strong part of your online presence.

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System Setup

Our main role in this system is to set up everything that you need to succeed with video. For ads, we’ll help determine the best places to advertise for your money, set up the account, and dress up your profile for success. The same goes for the interactive video testimonials, training videos, and video posts for your blog or social media. We help make sure, in the case of ads especailly, that they are reaching the best audience and the most people for the money, and below we continue to monitor progress of your videos for success.

Video Production

One of the main reasons that people don’t do more than just watch videos is the daunting task of putting one together. There are tools like Loom and Canva that make it easier, as well as in-app creation tools from YouTube and TikTok. That said, if you need videos produced for any number of purposes then let our team put them together for you. We’ll map out everything in advance, allow some optional edits oof the finished product, and load them when adn where they will do the most good for your business. We’ll factor this in at the beginning so there are no surprises.

A Part of our Plugin projects

Of course, this project will become a part of our Plugin Projects once it’s created and finished. This gives you access to all of our customer-getting strategies, tools, and methods. We are also constantly building on these strategies with new done-for-you automations and outside connections to handle the back office items and “little things” so you don’t have to. Each Project has its own billing and circumstances but they all fit into our systems nicely so you’re not left out there.

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