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Get just the website you need to help your business thrive

If you are reading this, then you are probably considering either a new website or a refit and upgrade to your existing online presence.  We help you to sort through what that might look like for your specific wellness business. 

For some, a small 2-page Funnel Mini-site is all that they need. For others, especially now, that need to sell things online in addition to in-store then a full e-Commerce Site might be for them. Other organizations might benefit from a site with more spaces for information and a blog. We can help sort through what you really need and what is overkill. You can choose from one of our ready-to-get-you-noticed templates customized to your business, or a completely new site built to spec. We then connect it to our system so you get the most out of it, and hand you the digital “keys”. Then, as long as you remain with us we help keep it updated with the latest security and fixes as plugins are updated.

The Website is priced typically by the size of the site (how many pages) and whether you work from a template or a new build. This price is for setup and basic maintenance is included in your Profit Works System price.

Funnel Website Example

Choose a Small Funnel Site

Funnel websites are 2-3 page “mini-websites”. They are designed for the singular purpose of getting visitors to do one thing. This could be to book an appointment, sign up for an event, or sell a basic product or service. These sites are ideal for special promotions, or that business who just needs appoitments booked and doesn’t provide more information on line than is needed.  For some businesses, this is simply all they need, and these sites can be just as flashy and attention-getting as their larger siblings.

Standard Website

In our space, this is the most common type of website many wellness businesses have. They have enough information to share that a Funnel Site above just won’t hold it all, yet they don’t want something that is huge and involved. Plus, they only have a finite amount of information about what they do or offer. These sites are 5-7 pages and our templates usually get the job done. Plus, they are optimized for getting your business noticed locally or across the country. Our team plugs in your information, customizes the site to fit your business, We focus on your services or products and provide extra value-added information about your type of business’ and how it can benefit customers. This is where a blog fits nicely and we get you started with everything you will neeed.

laptop with website development on it

Large-Scale Website

If your business needs require nothing else, our team has the ability to scale up and design a website to yoru exact specs with as many pages and connections as you need. This could be a site with lots of informational resources and an online shop, or a community-powered website with lots of resources and interaction. If you have the need and the budget, we can scale right along with your needs.

ready to go premium?

Did You See a Plugin that works for your needs?

Choose your system, answer a couple of questions, and set up a time to talk about it with us…no obligation but you DO get a great conversation about what’s best to help your Wellness business thrive

Website Rehab

If you already have an existing website, but for a variety of reasons it’s not meeting your needs or bringing you customers, then let our team take a look at it for you. We can evaluate it for speed, accuracy of information, and performance, and put together a program to align it with current search-friendly code, keywords and content to ensure that you are not only found by sites like Google but also by customers or new prospects who are interested in what you have to offer to improve their lives. We can also build in security so the site can’t be hacked or destroyed by visitors with bad intent.

Online Presence on three devices

World-Class Website Hosting

We are pleased to offer World-Class hosting for your WordPress site baked right into our Works CRM System. This service is hosted by Google Cloud and is one of the fastest platforms we have ever seen far and above higher-priced competition. Speed in loading is one of the major factors that search sites like Google considers when ranking a website higher on the list of what people look for. But those same customers like a website that loads fast too so they can get right to the Wellness options that your business offers with no waiting or wondering. If we don’t build your site for you, we can move your site to our servers so you get the benefits of this amazing system.

A Valued part of Our Plugin Projects

Of course, this project will become a part of our Plugin Projects once it’s created and finished. This gives you access to all of our customer-getting strategies, tools, and methods. We are also constantly building on these strategies with new done-for-you automations and outside connections to handle the back office items and “little things” so you don’t have to. Each Project has its own billing and circumstances but they all fit into our systems nicely so you’re not left out there.

Plugin Projects System