Our look at video tools leads us to some web services that you may not always think of, especially if you use TikTok’s baked-in video editor. However, when you want to keep the videos platform-free so you can distribute them when and where you want then tools from Vimeo, Loom, Wisteria and more provide some great options.

Vimeo is likely the most familiar and provides an experience that is similar to YouTube. Vimeo can host videos, live events, paid-access videos for training and eCourses, and a lot more. They give you a great “bang for your buck” in a paid membership.

We use Loom quite often for training videos. While it doesn’t have the robust green-screen effects that some editors have, it does the training video space very well, hosts it, makes it easy to share, and does so at a very reasonable price.

Finally, Wisteria is a relative newcomer but they are making incredible inroads into the field through connectivity to other sites, lots of tools, and especially through ease of use. You can do some impressive things with Wisteria that not everyone offers, but you can also easily share and store these videos.

There are lots of open-source and paid honorable mentions here and most operate about the same way. The bottom line is that thanks to Web 2.0 tools you don’t need a 4-year degree in video production or years of film school to create high-quality videos easily. You just need some planning and a little learning-curve time working on some demo project so you get the hang of it and you’re all set for major production tasks or great short videos.

If you have any questions then let us know and we’ll get you started.