If you use Instagram, Tiktok, and a few other social media platforms, then you know they don’t provide much room for an organization to describe anything about itself. This includes, until you get to a certain point, a website or a store link. Well, there are solutions to this in the form of services that provide a “mini-website”, for you to place in your bio page. The web address URLs are short and easy to remember. The pages they link to can be very robust including direct store links, work, videos and more.

Podia, a service that does podcasts and other forums, has a great article about 13 Link in Bio Options for Instagram and Beyond. Nearly every option presented has something of value depending on your needs and circumstances but we have a couple of favorites. If you have a Shopify Store and are just starting, consider Shopify’s Linkpop service. It’s free and links directly to your store since Shopify bought it. For businesses, HyPage and Campsite are both great options because, among other things, they offer forms and different price points. For nonprofits, Willow is a great option that’s low cost and features a donate button. But as mentioned, any of these plus Linkpop (not mentioned) are great for links in bios for Instagram, Tiktok and others.