Recently we introduced “blocks” for those companies who want all that business growth has to offer but can’t afford it yet, or who need something specific done. Well, times move fast so we’ve done some shuffling of our services and have come up with “blocks” of them which are stackable (pun intended) so your business only gets what it needs and wants. We offer full systems with combined tons of value but sometimes this is all you need so here goes.

The first block we’ll discuss is the “Website Shop Block“. Now, it’s not the best name but it certainly explains what it does. If you need a simple website to gather customers, educate them on what you do, show them a good offer, and get them to contact you then this is the block you want. Likewise, if you are just starting with taking yoru products online through a Shopify store but haven’t a clue how to get started, this is also the block for you. We set them up, connect them to crucial services like Google My Business, a Facebook Page, and more, bring in your images, descriptions and ideas, ensure there is a good flow so customers move through your system going where you want them to, and hand you the keys. It’s that simple.

After setup, we offer options to maintain the store or site and we recommend solutions along the way which add real value like a referral system, good customer interaction, ways to track your entire business adn more. Yes this means more business for us but it also lets you grow at amazing rates as people discover what you have to offer and why they should buy it. This more than pays for our services and allows us to be passionate about the customers you bring and your success. If this sounds like something you need then let’s talk about it. Go to, PM us on social media, or call us from our site.