Last time we talked about a customer list divided into groups such as prospects, current customers, former customers, etc. So what would you do with a list like this? That’s where we come in. We can start, if you’re one of our prospects, by doing a little Customer Discovery Challenge for free where we run an e-mail and text campaign to energize your customers into coming around again. As the description suggests, this works well with former customers but we have options for existing customers as well. We send them an offer, point them in your direction to a contact you specify, and monitor the results. These types of campaigns usually get about a 30%-50% return so we’re making you money right off the bat if you can close the deal you authorized us to use.

What happens after that point when you’ve used the “shock and awe” good deal. We then coach you through it more often, but not too much. It simply takes different forms such as contests, sales, or special promotional events. At their core, each of these campaigns is still message marketing as is the periodic newsletter or weekly blast you can send out. Social media campaigns and TikTok videos can also be utilized along with live events, seminars, in-person demonstrations, and more. The success rate will diminish over time somewhat, but if you pair it with our proven referral strategy the new people your customers bring you can re-energize the potential for success.

All this regular contact and activity helps to send your customer retention through the roof. According to the Hubspot article from last time, In terms of Return On Investment (ROI), a 5% increase in customer retention increases revenue by 25%-95%. That’s because returning customers are more likely to buy and to spend more money when they do. Happy customers are something that we take seriously and we expect you to do the same as you literally can’t afford not to.

If you’re just learning about JKL WOrks then let’s set up a 20-minute Discovery Call so we can learn about each other. If you bring your list we can get started with a free challenge (for us not you) and meet again in a few days to go over the results you will already have in hand. If you are an existing customer, then let’s talk about Message Marketing as a serious strategy to boost activity at your business.