During Super Bowl LVI, there was an ad from a crypto market provider called Coinbase which featured a floating QR Code and their logo. The ad was so popular that the site and app got hit all at once to take advantage of their offer and the entire system crashed. The whole story is here from the Verge.

We wish we could say this is the only time something like this happens but it’s not. At JKL Works, we work through the customer process with you so the experience is consistent and solid for everyone involved. Yes, we bring you customers but we also spend time determining how and if you can handle them. Making a system which is repeatable out of your sales process will make all the difference when the customers start calling and wanting what you have or what you provide.

They say those who don’t learn from history are destined to repeat it. So with that in mind, we present this UPS commercial from Super Bowl’s past showing a startup company taking its first orders but very soon descends into chaos as they realize they can’t handle the load alone. The commercial is here. So whether it’s from us or someone else, let someone help your small business through every phase of the process and not just by throwing customers at you while you drown.