I don’t know about you, but I try to spend some time each week in community participation. I’m not talking about sponsoring sports leagues though this can be a good way to get your business out there if appropriate. I’m also not necessarily talking about Chambers of Commerce or BNI either though they have their place. I am talking about being involved directly and organically in communities that you serve or have business in. Of course there is the online version of Facebook or LinkedIn Groups, NextDoor or community websites. It’s not a bad thing to spend time looking through these answering questions, helping people solve problems, and not always making it a direct advertisement.

A similar approach to this might be involvement in community associations, church groups, civic projects or organizations or school boards. Find groups and organizations that align with your business and/or your belief structure and take part. A good example of this is one of the Homeowner’s Association Board members where I live is a plumber by trade who occasionally contributes advice on the local Facebook Group. Do this enough, in an organic fashion simply to help, and people will begin seeking you out when they are ready. When that happens take it away from the group so as not to disrupt but enjoy the opportunity for a sale. Direct selling in many groups is frowned upon, but keeping it organic or off to the side is a great way to establish a positive reputation for your business and get some sales in the process. At worst, you will spend a little time helping people and giving of yourself which is never a bad thing.