A gentleman in a mentor group I am a part of gave a presentation recently as part of a Q&A session where he demonstrated a new app he found called Location Scan. This app is from the company Yext who provides Directory Listing, and some Reputation management, services to local businesses and local locations of larger companies. We talk about the importance of both of these services with our clients. With this app though you now don’t have to take our word for it as you can see the results for yourself.

When you direct the app to your business it looks at your contact information and compares it against many databases designed for listing your business including Google, Yelp, Foursquare and more. It also adds checks for services like the Better Business Bureau and niche specific listings. A search of your business also reveals your reputation score across directories and if, and how, people are reviewing your business. I can show you a calculator that quantifies the cost of a bad reputation or a dip of even one star rating so trust me that reviews are important and manageable.

If you become ready to make some changes to your online business profiles and reputation, then we can certainly help. We can leverage Yext for a better price than you get quoted on their site, but it is best of you are listed in several directories and you want to ensure that listing is correct. We offer Directory and Citations listings, both of which propel you up Google rankings faster, in over 300 Directories and sites which is at least 200 more than Yext offers. If you wan to move on this at a great price then consider our Digital Works System which includes this service, Reputation management, and a proven referral program in one low price. Meanwhile, you can download the Location Scan app for IOS and Android and try it yourself.