At the risk of costing ourselves some money, tough economic times for businesses call for creative ways of getting services done that still need to be done. The last 10+ years have given rise to the “Freemium” model for many services that provide some real value for the price of “free” in the hopes that you will pay something to get even more value. Let’s take a little time and apply this theory to marketing services with some low, or no, cost ways to get the word out that we not only promote but lead with at JKL Works.

The first service out there which people don’t really ask for enough is Reputation Management and reviews. Google is a great place to collect these. You can find your link for someone to leave a review on your Google Profile page or look for reviews on your website or social media platform of choice.

The next two ideas cost a little money, but they save you a tremendous amount of money in the long run. The first is called a Customer Win-back Campaign, or “Database Reactivation” in the marketing world. This takes a customer list you provide and sends to that list a deal you authorize. The results are so impressive we lead with it as a 10-Customer Challenge. We then bring it back month after month because it’s like an ATM you can return to where both sides get some value and grow your brand.

Finally, there are Referrals which we teach as a strategy because it really works. Plus, the referred prospect is very likely to buy because someone recommended you. We preach about this often because (1) it works with a better than 75% purchase rate and (2) businesses and organizations still don’t do this as much as they could, or at all. Referrals are a no-brainer and you will spend far less on them than other marketing tactics.

There are some other tools and tactics, but just these three will bring you so much money you will wonder why they weren’t done before. If you need help with any of this, remember that we said we lead with this and are happy to help. This is also a core set of strategies in our Local Works System so let’s get started.