I spoke with a potential partner today (in the strategic alliance sense), and he asked me all kinds of interesting, personal questions. By that, I mean, how is my business affected by my life experiences? In truth, I have heard it explained that starting a business is the closest men get to childbirth. Of course, I don’t mean the pain, but I do imply the responsibility that comes afterward and for the rest of the business’s life. So how has your business affected your life? How has it changed your life?

For me, this business has become the point in time where you stand at the head of the trail and look back seeing all of the events, training, relationships, experiences and guideance which somehow brought me to this place where it all makes sense. For us Christians, it’s similar opt the experience where you accept God and Jesus into your life and you look back at all of the events and people who crossed your path just so they could steer you to this point of release. I mean it when I say I am passionate about my customers’ success not just financially but because I’m invested in seeing them win and the joy that brings to their family, their company, and the customers they serve.

So take time this week and think about how your business has changed you. How are you different than the day you opened your doors? Are you better or worse off? Answering these questions and related ones can help you to move forward with confidence and help others believe in that confidence. May you realize much and may it serve you well.