Now that we are looking at video sites as they relate to how to get the most exposure for your money, and TikTok, as well as YouTube, presented compelling cases, what about Instagram? For a few years now, Meta’s Instagram has made video and image-sharing truly social. While most platforms allow you to share video and post it easily, Instagram led the way for several years in making it “social”. Instagram influencers have followings ranging from the thousands to even the millions in a few cases. Posting to Instagram is not text-based as such, though you can have comments and captions. It’s designed to highlight images and especially, videos, shot with your mobile phone.

On Instagram, you can not only post videos and images of all types, but you can also gain and nurture a following tied largely to your personal or “professional” identity. You can also interact with followers via Direct Messages. This is something that YouTube and TikTok offer in some respect, but it’s not as intuitive or personal. So Instagram has a place at the table for the social aspects of it. We also mentioned that if you start with a TikTok video you can convert it for use on Instagram and vice-versa.

If you want to explore Instagram in your video customer-getting strategy then let’s talk about it. The first piece of advice we will give you before you start is to consider transforming your existing account for use with your brand, product, service, or organization at least with a logo change. In this way, you will preserve your followers for what you’re about to do. If you are new or don’t have a following then disregard this as it won’t matter. Let’s get you started with Instagram as the social part of your video client-getting strategy.