Another key component in the short group of fields on your customer list is the phone number field. WHile it’s obvious that you will eventually need to call them for good communication, is it okay to text/SMS someone on your list. The short answer is actually, yes but…

The first thing we have to keep in mind regarding SMS/Text messages and e-mails is to NOT think like we do about these forms of communication but go with established norms. That is, you may be tired of text messages and your inbox may be full of junk e-mail, but that doesn’t mean a person on your customer list doesn’t want texts or e-mails. They are generally okay with texts IF they are a customer though is a threshold you need to stay away from. In a campaign to become a customer, we only text a couple of times but send more e-mails. Also, we use text messages to confirm to them that an e-mail has been sent. When someone is a customer save text messages for times where you really need their attention or for a customer service issue.

For leads and prospecting, just as with e-mail, you want them to give up the number willingly and DO NOT use if they don’t. Leading up to a meeting or discovery call it’s okay to ext 1-2 times. We hope you see a pattern with this in that the farther they go along as customers in a journey the more often you can text them.

Just as with e-mail you should set clear opportunities to give a good number to send those messages to. Also, if they type STOP then just as e-mails you must comply. SMS messages have their place to convey urgency and as reminders but you must be careful not to overstep and risk losing that useful option. We at JKL Works can build SMS into yoru schedule and make it happen. For more info call, or text, us at 713-588-5498.