With a distant background in audio-video production, and at least two software suites plus to generate these, I have the skills and the need to generate a video to promote my business. For me, it’s a matter of time management. So, the ever-opportunistic Google has come up with a solution for business owners in a similar position to me and its brilliant marketing. They have generated a video, in much the same way rival Facebook does for personal matters, for my business, and will give it to me to promote myself in Google My Business and [of course] in Google Ads. They can generate one for you too at https://marketingkit.withgoogle.com/videomaker/

Like most things Google there is a catch of sorts. It’s a loss leader that gives you something of value for little effort on their part [and free in this case] to get you to use services that charge. However, as I have noted to recent clients it’s better to edit something that already exists rather than create something from scratch, so this promotion might be worth your time. Numerous statistics site the effectiveness of videos in marketing, sales, and other areas so at least try it. If you don’t like it then don’t worry, you didn’t pay for it and you should consider creating videos in other ways.

However, if you did like it then use it every way you can. Edit it if need be and post it on your Google My Business page. if it’s appropriate, download and post on your Facebook Page or your website. Any free marketing to spread the word about your business is good. Plus, and I haven’t tested this, but perhaps you can edit a video created in YouTube with the “YouTube Studio” built-in service so you can truly customize the project to fit your needs.

Happy Holidays from JKL Works!