We wrap up our product look at a complex, robust service that is not for everyone. Tracking sales and keeping up with customers is as necessary as general bookkeeping to a small business. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. If you don’t communicate with customers, you miss out on sustaining your business. Customers bring revenue, but they get so much more such as referrals of new customers. They advocate for your business even when you are not around to do it yourself. We have found a piece of software with some of the most robust features for tracking your customer experience that we have seen, so we made it our own as our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. We then surrounded it with external functions that you have seen before; all of this comes together to form the Profit Works System and its so powerful and relevant that it’s the backbone of our other systems. The difference is that here we hand you the keys to use the facilities and teach you how to do so.

This system has three levels depending on your business size and needs. The basic system offers CRM Contact management access, a funnel site or website depending on your business model, A reputation management system baked in for your company, our service listing you in over 300 directories and sites, and a call tracking number with reporting on who calls you and from where, WHEW! The Plus version adds E-mail and SMS/Text messaging, sales pipeline and opportunity tracking, an e-mail newsletter, and automations (like Zapier) to take care of lots of little communication issues behind the scenes. It’s the automations which make this service amazingly powerful. Only the hardcore folks might want to dive into these but when we set them up to work everyone will wonder how they got along with out them. Finally, the Profit Works Premium system (also the Shop Works Premium System) adds built-in Stripe/PayPal Payment processing, unlimited funnel sites for campaigns, and a membership area where you can host and sell digital content or members-only items. This is a lot and even for us it can be overwhelming.

Without a doubt, this is the most powerful combination of services we have ever seen. It replaces nearly a dozen software services and provides tremendous value. We hope you will agree after a tour and not be intimidated. That said, a CRM system takes some commitment of time and process. There is a trap in CRM systems where you end up spending much of your time “feeding it” rather than using it for the tool it is. What sets this one apart from Hubspot or SalesForce are the automations built into the system that handle back-end processes for you so you can focus on your customers, converting sales, and providing real value with your services or products. If you want to know more then let’s talk about it.

CRM System powered by Agency Toolbox