Last time we talked about how the age demographics of TikTok have moved steadily upward in just the last two years. What’s amazing is this is nearly half of TikTok’s life span so far but there is one other factor which makes it unique. In looking at the new kid on the social media block TikTok, lots of comparisons get made to Facebook at the same point in its lifespan eight years ago. One reason Facebook has succeeded so long, in the words of one marketing professional, is that it has become “blue collar” more than other social media networks. That is, posting content, setting up pages and groups, and creating a community was made easy by Facebook such that people with less technical experience could easily do it. TikTok takes this concept to another level with its content creation and what gets noticed on the platform which Facebook doesn’t seem to be able to match.

So, TikTok is all video content known as “TikToks” (no surprise), and just a couple of minutes of watching these clips will show you that they are extremely organic and “homemade”. This is the beauty of the platform and why it is so successful. Though you can import videos to post, the method to record videos in the app is so powerful yet raw that nearly anyone can do it. In fact the less “produced” that a TikTok feels the more likely it is to get attention, liked, and commented on. Liking and commenting, along with watching of course, drives the algorithm to quickly learn what you will watch and keep showing it to you, plus boost the videos you watch. So get the app, watch some videos, go to the “”Discover” portion of the app where you can search for topics you want to see, then enjoy and think to yourself…how could my business benefit from this? We will cover that in a couple of weeks with a major announcement.