Today we planned to start profiling each social media outlet for your organization’s success, but this will have to wait until next time as the good folks at Yoast SEO (A tool we make great use of on our website and in stores) came out with an article SEO Basics: How to Use Social Media. This article, like most of theirs, is an easy read and is aimed squarely at non-SEO or non-techie people. Yoast has an expressed goal of educating non-marketing or tech people about SEO and how it can help so they give a lot freely as a great resource. Their software for Websites and Shopify isn’t bad either and we use/recommend it.

For those not as familiar, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method and tactics of “gaming” Google to end up at the top of search results or as close as you can. If you have a website, SEO is one of those strategies you can’t live without, but it should run in the background and not be your main focus as it takes time to develop and work to set up properly. We handle much of this and have tools to shortcut the process, so we don’t promote it as a direct strategy at this point. Further, Google is making some disturbing statements recently about their attempts to curtail or eliminate SEO methods so the only way to get higher would be to pay for advertising.

That said, the Yoast SEO article above turns its attention to creating great social media posts to promote your business using tactics that get your articles noticed. While no similar pprocess can get you higher in Facebook or Instagram without advertising, your posts can be noticed by others so read the article to find out more details. Let’s get your posts noticed with our Digital Works System, but before we do that let’s get an offer people will respond to. Let us know if we can help.