Unless you have studied small business success stories recently, you’ve probably never heard of Tilted Concepts, Inc. It is possible though that you have seen one of their “business opportunities” opening near you in the form of Tuneup: The Manly Salon, Martinis & Manicures, or originally My Fit Foods, which is being rebranded and relaunched as Balanced Foods. If you still haven’t heard of these brands, then you soon will. The Tuneup franchise is one of the fastest-growing out there, with 66 salons open as of February 2022, just a couple of years after they first opened.

Tilted Concepts made news by defying local city and state authorities during the lockdown by opening nearly all of their salon franchises and defending those who came under law enforcement scrutiny. Many people don’t know that hair salons in many states are some of the most regulated businesses there are, so their argument was that they already followed very strict safety protocols and this didn’t merit closure. In just about every case that was challenged by state authorities the salons won and remained open. This gave people the chance to come and experience this unique take on the barber shop fused with a men’s club (no dancers just a membership). They are now launching similar offerings for women as well as the above mentioned rebranding of their pre-prepared healthy food franchises.

While doing some research on another project we will launch soon, we came across their blog and one post in particular gave us some insight into their corporate culture and why they are successful. In a June 24, 2021 post entitled “Cultivating an Entrepreneurship Culture“, they share insights about setting up a culture for success. “In it’s boiled down definition, an entrepreneur is a problem solver who accepts the ownership of any and all aspects of business, leaning in to the daily challenges that arise, and learn to thrive in the face of issues where others run.” Though they are all entrepreneurial, they bring together the values of “team” along with being coachable and teachable. This last part is a trait shared by many successful small business leaders whether they fancy themselves an entrepreneur or not.

One final thought they touch on is to take massive action based on what you have learned. Don’t get bogged down in details but don’t ignore them either. It’s said among the mentors of JKL Works that taking action, plus consistency and persistence, equals success. Reading it preached by a successful company like Tilted Concepts is proof that we’re moving in the right direction. Let’s apply these thoughts to your small business to breed success for you.