In just two short years, TikTok has gone from Chinese-monitored pariah (the verdict is still out on developer Byte Dance’s relationship with the CCP) to absolute darling of the digital marketing world. There are many reasons why, and several reasons why it should be worth your learning time and advertising dollars.  The first reason is that ad spending is still very affordable and you get a lot of bang for your buck.

The second reason you should consider TikTok is far more powerful while it lasts. Several comparisons are made between TikTok now, and Facebook of 8-10 years ago. Ads are not only inexpensive compared to other social media outlets but their reach goes much, much, further for your money. That money includes free “organic” TikTok videos as those which get attention can find themselves with thousands of views with no money spent on ad placement to make them so. Facebook of a decade ago was this way, so TikTok is very much the wild frontier.

Finally, just as Facebook brought social media to the “blue collar masses” making the concept very easy for anyone to use, so too has TikTok brought creating videos to the same group by making it super easy to create powerful, fun, and aesthetically pleasing videos that just seem to suck you in the more you watch them. The appeal of this is so undeniable that Instagram and even YouTube are adapting their products to try and capture some of that appeal spilling over from TikTok to keep content creators from defecting. 

For all of these factors and more, TikTok is a great place to put your product or service out there whether or not you want to spend oney on ads there. We can help you navigate these waters as well as set up a “link in bio” micro-website once you get over 1,000 views so people can find what you have to offer. There are tips and tricks to creating a “TikTok” (video) that you will want to incorporate into your planning, then just try it out. This honeymoon will end in the next year or so but for now, TikTok is by far the best player out there for your ad spending. Contact us to get started with TikTok and more for your organization.