We continue our look at social media options for your marketing and advertising efforts with a bit of an anomaly that is Pinterest. This is a site where posts are cards called “pins” and they are a bit like cards or individual posts on a bulletin board, or “Pin Board”, in the Pinterest world. Pins can be on nearly anything from a recipe, to a how-to article, to a comic strip. Pins lend themselves mostly to pictures with the information included around them. So, is Pinterest useful for small businesses or organizations? The answer is yes for the right niches.

Pinterest is ideal for organizations with something to sell or something to show people how to do. Indeed, both Shopify adn WooCommerce, among others, have Pinterest channels to be set up. You can place ads as well for mostly reasonable prices at https://business.pinterest.com. Pins don’t work so well for long-form items like articles or landing pages. People largely search Pinterest for how-to items, recipes, or items to buy that solve a problem they have or teach a craft or something else which is “hands-on”.

If your organization has something tangible to sell, especially creative items, then Pinterest is a great option for your store. If you offer some services where you can generate quick how-tos that lead to a purchase of your items, Pinterest might also be a good fit. If your organization heads toward the creative side of things then Pinterest is definitely for you.