You may not be aware, but we are a Shopify Partner at JKL Works and we’re working on an amazing offer for smaller local shops who want to take their stores online AND grow where they are. As such, we are keeping up with recent updates from Shopify which has our store of choice online for its flexibility, ease of use, and connected services.

They recently updated their App Store for all types of connected services. Those apps were always there but sometimes the search and interaction was difficult to use and the search wasn’t as accurate. This has now changed. We’re using this opportunity to update our stable of apps for your Shopify store for specific purposes so stay tuned.

They have given their Theme store the same general treatment also making it easier to use and search. While paid themes offer more customization for specific store types and unique looks to go with them, there are also two new free themes called Ride and Colorblock. If you want more information about taking your store online AND growing your local business, or having an online store only, there has never been a better time to schedule an appointment with us.