We’re continuing our look at services we offer in our bundled systems, but with probably a little more open and straightforward approach than you are used to. Today we discuss websites, and it’s a common mantra among those who do what I do that you need a website to have a successful business. To this, I say “yes and no”..” Do you need an online presence? YES! This is where people are looking whether you like it or not. Even for local businesses who take walk-ins, you can best believe that before they walk through your door, they have looked you up on Google or asked friends on social media. However, the online presence’s form depends on your business and how vital extra content online is to your overall business strategy. A restaurant needs their menu posted; pictures of their food, and testimonials about how good it is, along with a possible coupon or offer to try their food. They don’t need a blog about different types of Chinese food or the nuances of baking unless they have a bakery, which is one way they contribute to their local community.

With this in mind we offer several versions of an online presence where only one or two involve what people normally consider a “website”. The simplest version leverages Google My Business and a Facebook Business Page and is designed to get customers just enough information so they can contact that business. Web designers contend, of course, that at minimum you cna have a blog about different topics, but these features are included in this basic online presence. People aren’t looking at LinkedIn pages enough yet, and no other social media really offers a business page as such, so these two are still the dominant force for this most basic of online presences. Next, we have the online store which we’ll cover next week in greater detail. This can be a part of a regular website or stand alone.

A good option for service businesses to drive contacts or appointments is the “Funnel Site”. This is a website in definition, however, it only has 2-3 pages typically. It’s purpose is to show you just enough information to contact the business or make an appointment. This is all some businesses need so consider if this the right option for you. Finally, there is the full-blown website we all have become familiar with. Within these many pages hides all the information that you need about a business or organization. About and contact pages, the front page “virtual sign”, a blog, a shop, testimonials, products and services in great detail, and possibly even a “membership area” with content, purchased items or online courses. These sites provide in depth information and resources related to an organization, but they are also very time intensive to populate with that in-depth information.

At JKL Works, we offer three versions of our Website Works system depending on your needs. We don’t offer more website than you need as this makes more work and headaches for everyone who doesn’t need it. We’d be happy to talk to you about your online presence so you can make the most of it, or rehab what you have. Keep one final thought in mind though, we often say that “everyone wants a website and no one wants to feed it.” Much like a pet, a website can grow to become an integral part of what you do but only if you pour into it regularly. Post articles, testimonials, wins and updates on products or services which contribute to the community you serve. A plugin we routinely use and configure on your website or store is by Yoast SEO who has made it their mission to explain and teach the concept of Search Engine Optimization to anyone and everyone as well as sell their products and services. These are reasons to have a website, but only as much website as you really need.