So what if instead of leaving typed reviews, job interview questions, interactions for onboarding feedback or other HR matters or even in sales what you are looking for in a house (for realtors), you could send a video with your responses and make the whole process “interactive”? This is the premise behind a new service we have discovered which we are putting into a service we can offer our loyal clients to yes, get them more customers. There are a small handful of services we can leverage to make this happen but after going through the process a couple of times ourselves the possibilities are limitless. We have all had issues with something you type or text and the fact that you can’t convey meaning very easily, or the documents get too “wordy” and people lose focus.

Thanks to YouTube, Zoom and now TikTok we are now learning to interact with videos in new ways. Stil not everyone is comfortable formally on camera but somehow they will pull out their phone to create a Tiktok. So with the barrier of use lowered some, enter this service where you give instructions on video on a page or e-mail. The brilliance of the system is that the recipient or page visitor can now respond with text, audio, or video through their smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera. These interactions can be put into multiple steps which are as simple as leaving a review and as complex as a company onboarding process. If you want ot explore what this might look like for your business then we are creatively forming use-case options for this now. Details on our Video Block will come around soon but we will start using it for testimonials first and see where our imagination takes us.