We continue our Wellness business spring cleaning series taking a foundational look at how you can attract people to your business. It almost goes without saying that the Wellness business in general is almost based on objection handling. This is so much the case that many professionals are so conditioned to the fact that there will be objections they almost go overboard justifying or worse, become sort of bitter rather than letting results speak and promoting those whenever possible and, as the evangelism saying goes, “using words when necessary.”

Being battle-tested, and a bit battle-hardened, in this way generally works to your advantage as you address and successfully counter many of the arguments. Yet, with some exceptions, proper Wellness and the natural healing of the body as induced and encouraged by you is not an instant thing. It can take weeks or months but it will happen.

Likewise, in an era of people being conditioned to pay with insurance, many Wellness providers can’t, or won’t, accept insurance for any number of reasons. So not only do you have to promote services that are not what we have become used to as “mainstream” but you also have to do the same with how they will pay for those services.

While promoting what you do and offer is a must, consider placing alongside it paragraphs, Frequently Asked Questions, or even videos, debunking many of the myths and misconceptions that people have about your brand of Wellness and why you’re approach is different. Not only can you ease tensions, but you can also be a resource of information that people weren’t expecting “for free”. Doing this not only helps your business but can also help your profession since most everyone has a horror story that you have to counter even though you likely had nothing to do with it. As a Digital marketer, I have to overcome this too and in fact, did so this morning. However, I’m happy to do so because it may give me a chance to turn someone around and do what i love as I work with them to restore their confidence and faith.

How might you handle objections before you even get to talk to someone? If you have a website then relevant blog posts on each page are a great start along with “carved out” sections in the middle of your pages that address particular objections that are relevant to what you’re talking about on that page. For social media and your site, videos are a great way to handle objections. They can be shot with Loom if you have digital material to show or they can be a “quick video” on your mobile phone posted to address something while you were thinking about it. A third way is to address them in your material that prospects see prior to their appointment or discovery session. These too can be emails, texts, or videos, or articles but the quicker the better.

We can help you put all of this in place to handle objections before you talk to a single person so that when you do the conversation goes easier. Spend 20 minutes with me on a Discovery Call and let’s handle your objections to see if we’re a fit to work together. One final note, though the specifics for Wellness businesses are ours, the inspiration and ideas for this come from Tim Cameron-Kitchen at Exposure Ninjas. His material is amazing for people who do what I do and if you’re a larger business you might do well to look him up.