We continue a series on the “spring cleaning” of your Wellness business with a question. Do you have someone who runs your office? I mean runs every aspect of it no matter how major or how minor the task freeing you up to handle patients or participants and work with their needs? This is oftentimes what will make or break any business, much less a Wellness one. If you provide amazing, life-changing results to everyone that you actually get to see but your staff can’t organize appointments, or calls to book them don’t get returned, or billing doesn’t get done, you won’t be in business long or you will figure out quickly that changes need to be made. If you look at most bad reviews, they stem from somewhere in the process of working with that business office versus the actual results achieved for a client.

At JKL Works we too have a back office, but ours is a system that is curated and updated to be as efficient, yet human, as possible. We don’t automate every single aspect of what we do, but we do have “automation” in place to handle minor things from notifying us that someone has reached out to ensure we don’t miss them, to some appointment booking, to follow-up for review requests and the referral process. Discovery calls, the client onboarding process, monthly meetings to track progress, and more are done by a human with a little digital help. There is software behind this and we call it The Works CRM Backoffice, or just the Works.

If you take a look at your “customer journey” from when the first come onto your radar, through onboarding, your major offering to them that brought them in, and finally to maintenance and keeping them active, what are some tasks that people hate to do, or forget to do, such as appointment reminders, welcoming new customers with information about you prior to a first appointment, or any at all. Go through your customer or patient journey writing down the sequence of things that happen. Next, see if any of these things can [somehow] be automated such as sending emails or having customers click a calendar date and time on a special calendar appointment page or sending SMS/Text messages around a certain activity. You might be surprised how many tasks can be handled automatically freeing your staff to do other things that require more attention or human interaction which they’re probably pretty good at.

If you have compiled your list of tasks that could be automated, but can’t figure out how to do it, then spend 20 minutes with us on a Discovery Call and you’ll not only see how many tasks we can help you automate with one of our systems but you’ll also see how we can go above and beyond this to free up time for your staff and save you money in lost revenue from missed appointments and uninformed customers. In truth, if you book that call with us you will see automation in action reminding you of our meeting. Hopefully, if you didn’t kow, you wouldn’t know. See you then.