We’re almost done with our Spring Cleaning efforts and we hope you found them helpful. Though you certainly set up your business to make a difference in people’s lives, of course, it quietly goes without saying that you also entered into business to make money, support your family or yourself, and to be fulfilled yourself doing what you love. So to keep that going, how many different ways are you asking people to get started with you?

This does not always have to be the direct sell, though you should have more than one of those on your website, or at a staged event, or a sign/bilboard. There are more subtle ways to “quietly” keep asking people in ways that don’t put them off. A regular e-mail or newsletter is a great example. Speaking to local groups or organizations is another. Blogs, Vlogs (video blogs), social media posts, informational videos (we can make those interactive for you), event sponsorship related to what you offer, workshops, and webinars or courses can be great ways to keep your presence in front of people who might benefit from it.

Just as you are staying visible to the public, or at least your audience, you should also have an opportunity ready for those who want more information about what you do so they might get started. This “call to action” can be subtle or direct depending on your style, but it should be there and you should never miss a chance to promote your business even if you’re answering the question about what you do for a living. Work out ahead of time how you can get someone started in your system anywhere, anytime, and be prepared to act on it if someone shows interest. This could be a physical business card, or a “QR Code” on the unlock screen of your phone that you can show someone that leads to your contact page with special instructions. In this way, you become an ambassador for your business at all times. You might even have a couple of “stories” worked up to turn around the inevitable “my friend/family member went to a wellness business and they did x to them”. Lots of businesses get those, so having a way to turn it around into a call to action might be worth a little investment time.

True to form, we have slipped in one call to action on you already but as we near the end of this spring cleaning journey you should know we have many more solutions. We are adding some new services as “plugins” to our systems that create interactive videos, help you save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in credit card processing fees each month, and help you run your back office efficiently and effectively so you and your staff are free to do what you’re passionate about for your customers. If you are interested in those topics, or bringing more customers, communicating better with those customers so you build a community, and having more available time to spend with those customers, then let’s talk in a 20-minute Discovery Session. See, wasn’t so hard was it.