Hi and Welcome to the new year. In honor of this, we’ve made quite a few changes around here and have tuned our offerings and help toward the Wellness business community because we know, from two different experiences, that those practices do work and yield amazing results unlocking your body’s “God-given potential” as our Chiropractor used to say. With that in mind, and with a nod to fellow marketer Tim Cameron-Kitchen, we want to spend the next several posts “spring cleaning” your customer-acquisition strategies. Don’t worry, we’re not giving away the farm as we have plenty to offer your business to reach its full potential, but we do want you to think about some things outside of the hectic pace of business operations which might help even more people to notice positively what you’re doing.

This week we want to ask the question, “Is your brand attractive to your customers?” Do your logo, colors, and photos, and tone of voice speak to your customers or patients? Who is your typical customer and do you adjust your material to attract, and speak to, him or her? Take a few minutes and try to visualize the person that whom your services are supposed to be aimed at. Give them a name (because that actually makes it more permanent, really), give them character traits, demographic information, etc. What is their life like? Flesh out as much about this persona (what we call in marketing an Avatar) as you can and add to it over time the more that you learn about them.

Now, check your brand against your avatar to see if it might be appealing. At this point, we mostly mean the tone and written material you have surrounding your business. Is this a place that might resonate with your avatar(s)? What aspects of your business might appeal to them? Don’t get too deep with this right now are your sales and marketing materials matching to your avatar? Do they like lots of detail and education or are they more about the end results? Without getting too deep in the weeds here, do your colors in all materials and your facility match the personality type of your avatar? This is all about the aesthetic look, feel and level of information.

And yes, since Wellness covers about seven different areas we have two avatars: One is Lauren who is a Nurse Practitioner and is also co-owner of her facility. She cares deeply about the patient relationship she has with her customers and very much focuses on the results they get versus the process of getting them. On the other hand, we have Jared who is a DC and General Manager of his practice where he also includes other wellness factors such as nutrition and massage. He cares about the process his practice maintains and doesn’t dive as deeply into results. Jared is a good leader of groups and great speaker, while Lauren has a calm (though not always quiet) confidence in her management style though she is feisty enough when it counts. We will visit them throughout these next few weeks as they are still developing, but they are very much based on people we’d like to attract as customers.

Likewise, we will dive deeper into other aspects of your messaging both in marketing and in operations. You will be surprised how much this affects the mood, style, and effectiveness of yoru business. And if it’s not what you had in mind, work to adapt the business NOT the persona. If you need help developing your brand, or things aren’t where you want them to be, take 20 minutes with us and we’ll help you start to sort it out and get you 10 customers to ease the transition.