Last time we talked about your brand for your Wellness business and how much it does, or doesn’t, stand out to people in your area above your competition. This time, we’re going to ask a question that will make you kick yourself. Not only is it obvious but it’s also core to your business. Why should someone buy from your Wellness business versus your competitors in the same space? The real kick comes when you realize that you may not have answered that question at all, or at least in a while. The answer should seem obvious but it plays into your services, your pricing, your customer experience, and even your backstory as a business or business owner.

There are likely three reasons why people might buy from you: Price, Quality of Service, and Results. Price is an obvious factor but there are several alternatives you can present here and the difference is largely based on whether you accept insurance, or can. No matter what you charge for services, the winning business will be able to show prospects the maximum value for whatever it is they are paying. Customers will pay a little higher price every time if they think they are getting maximum value out of it. For proof of this, look at your successful competition and their website and really scour what they do. You might be surprised.

The second factor is the Quality of Service. You probably know that the business of alternative medicine is all about providing perceived value that the mainstream doesn’t. But where you will excel every time is in the customer experience. Treat them well and have a fantastic customer experience and people will not only pay more but tell their friends. Again, some research should reveal that the most successful practices, clinics, and programs provide a phenomenal customer experience and have testimonials to prove it.

Finally, the obvious third factor is results. The more, and higher quality, results you can show a client the more they will not only return but recommend you to others. If you are confident in your results, this is where a Referral Program can make a real difference as satisfied customers make the best ambassadors. While at it, they can build you up with a good review as well. Find a way to periodically, or constantly, test your results among clients. Get general results from peer groups in your same portion of Wellness and see what they did to achieve those results. Though everyone is different, you can find patterns to gauge against so you see, and can show to new prospects, how your procedures and practices get better results where others in your area may not.

Over the next week, spend some time thinking about how your business stands out among like others and why people should choose you. Then, review your pricing, quality of service, and results among patients or customers and create a description of just why you stand out. If you need help, spend about 20 minutes with us and we can explore that together. – See you on a Discovery Call or let us know on social media pages about your factors and how your business stands out.