We’re back with another installment of Wellness Business Spring Cleaning. What is your offer for someone who has seen enough and is ready to say “yes” to what you have. This goes back to past articles about your business process or your customer journey. What is that offer which is simple enough, and poses little threat even if it fails, that someone would take a chance with you? As you might imagine we regularly visit that subject around here, but an engaging company has more than one to address every step where a customer is asked to make a decision to spend money with you.

Our ultimate offer is to work with us at one of the multiple levels, depending on your needs and expertise, on an ongoing basis for as long as you need us. Yet, for most people, this is a big first step, though we can certainly be prepared if you’re ready to take it right away. To prove our worth and value to you right up front, we offer the “Ten Customer Challenge” which employs a tactic called “message marketing” to bring you ten customers right away with no obligation though we do hope.

For you, this offer could be a free exam, or discounted easy service, or free x-rays for Chiros, or any number of other tools. That said, you may want to have your packages and systems at ready in case people bypass this. So, what do you lead with if someone shows interest to get their attention and quiet concerns as we discussed last week? Then, do you have packages or services? How much value does each package have and when do you present them? What does the upgrade of the service path look like? Where in your sales process do people buy the most? Many Wellness businesses we know of learned that their value comes in the first few weeks or months while they work to fix the issue that you contacted them about. Later, they offer maintenance plans at low cost or free because all of their profit is baked in upfront.

For best results, ensure that you have an offer for people to do business with you at every stage where they might spend money. In this way, you always have a sales opportunity and a credible way to keep them engaged with your business. If you need some help with your credible offer, let’s talk about it when you have about 20 minutes.