We continue our posts about Wellness Business Spring Cleaning as we take a fresh look at something that, if we’re honest, many of us don’t unless we have to. We are the experts that people come to for solutions to what ales them, or in our case what ales their business. What advice can a client, or patient, or member, have for us that could possibly help us? The answer is actually quite a bit of advice, and help. Remember, a good referral program (that you should have in place) relies on customers, patients, or people who use your services choosing to refer them to others and put their reputation out there.

As such, you may find that customers have a lot to say about their experiences with you. While some suggestions might only work for that person, or are unrealistic, others might make a large difference in the success of your business with possibly a small change. If we’re being real though, you should solicit this advice at regular opportunities for a variety of reasons, or they will silently give that feedback to you, stop coming, and share that feedback out there with anyone who will listen and it won’t be glowing.

Too many studies to reference show that people like to feel valued when they choose to interact with an organization. They want to know their solutions are at least listened to regardless of whether those solutions are enacted. We all know those people who offer crazy feedback from the left field just so someone will pay attention to them, but you should take that chance for the real valuable advice you will get also. As one business consultant put it, treat everyone as if they have a nametag that says “make me feel important” and you will win more than you lose.

Are you building opportunities in your business process that allows for customer, client, or patient feedback? Are you gauging reaction to special programs that you offer? And yes, are you responsive to reviews that you receive from the internet? Do you have a referral program and if so how is it going? These are all questions worth answering and worth acting on if you will give some time to how to address them. The feedback you get in return may literally make or break your business.

Of course, if you need help building this in to what you do, talk to us as a referral program and reputation tracking are a part of what we do in every plan we offer because it’s foundationally important. Spend 20 minutes on a Discovery Call with us to see how we can make customer feedback a regular part of what you do, and in truth, what we do as well.