We start this area of Wellness Business Spring Cleaning with a couple of caveats. First of all, we feel every wellness business should have a presence online in some form. Too many people “look you up” when they first encounter your business. That said, the form that online presence takes can and should be appropriate for the amount of information you want to offer. If you don’t sell anything online and just book appointments than a website with an online store built in does you no good. If you don’t have a lot of information about your particular area of Wellness and aren’t willing to contribute information regularly, then a big robust website won’t help you. In many cases, a 2-3 page website that introduces your business, tells people who visit why they should choose you over others, and makes a compelling offer to try your services by booking an appointment, is all you really need.

One thing we were advised of that applies here is that you need to keep your website or online presence simple and easy to navigate. This made us ponder a bit because we have a lot of good information to get out there about our systems which are packed full of tools and services for the money you pay per month. Most of these services will help nearly everyone we call a client, and the rest will help some folks but not others and we’ll help you decide which fits your business best. Yet the challenge was issued to us to reduce each system to the line from the 80’s movie The Breakfast Club of “the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions”. This made us scratch our heads a bit but the point is very well taken.

What the challenge really means is eliminating industry terms and jargon such as, in our case, customer reactivation and reputation management or search engine optimization. These are all valuable services to bring customers to your business but most people don’t know what they mean, and that’s okay. So go back and review your website and ask a friend who isn’t as familiar with your business to do the same, to review what you offer and if it comes out the way it’s supposed to. You might be surprised at the results.

One final thing, make sure that when people have seen enough and are ready to buy or to come to you then the information is readily available. Part of this we will cover in another post coming up, but for now, ensure that it’s easy to find someone’s way around your site and it’s especially convenient that they find where to take the next steps with you. We offer a new “Plugin Business Project” called Website Works that can optimize the site you have or build a new one to your requirements and scale. Spend 20 minutes with us on a Discovery Call to work on the foundations first, then your website. Meanwhile, we’ll be putting our money where our mouth is and updating our site as well so check it out and see if it speaks your language.