Recently I came across a video from a fellow in this business named Tim Sarazen. He had a lot of great perspectives on what makes a website get attention but one piece in particular really caught my eye. Not only does this work for websites but it works for all of us in our oversold, overexposed life at present.

How can I solve a problem that people are having? What need am I filling? How would someone’s life be better, or business be stronger, from utilizing what I offer? This is actually as old as sales itself but sometimes it’s worth revisiting. I know that businesses will be better off with the services that JKL Works provides BUT how do I articulate that in a way which sticks with people? So this is both a challenge to you and a reminder to me since I too have things to learn…at the risk of sounding like I haven’t.

Think about what you offer no matter if you’re the owner or the order-taker of a business. How will people’s lives be changed for the better by using what you offer? This is true for businesses and nonprofits too. We’re all “church-like” in that way. How will you be fulfilled? How will your life be affected? How will you thrive by using what a business offers? How will people thrive by using what you offer?

I would be thrilled to not only show you how we can fulfill your business but I would also be honored to help you discover, or learn from you, what fulfills your customers. On your website and beyond.