You have made it this far on what is a dry subject but a vitally important exercise. We thank you but really you should be fulfilled even if you have work to do. Now that you have the lists done you should go over each one with anyone who is involved in that process list. This is not only a management exercise but a working one as well so all can see how everything works together and why it’s important. Be sure to get feedback from everyone around that process as the secretary or nurse or janitor may have good ideas that make their world better but also make the company more efficient and effective.

Finally, as we mentioned before you should save these lists after they are updated with input to a place where all concerned can at least read them. You may not refer to them often but if things start to go wrong they are a resource you can return to so you troubleshoot steps that should be followed to ensure that they are being followed. For those businesses who are experiencing staff shortages, this helps to bring on new employees and get them up to speed quickly as it shows them exactly what to do and how that interacts with others.

You should revisit your business process at least once per year though you can update individual lists as you need. Ways of doing business evolve and change and you can never go wrong by keeping them up to date. If you need help mapping your business process, we can use a tool called a Digital Blueprint to take a strong look at your business from top to bottom and offer services that make the most sense based on your needs and gaps. Contact us at JKL Works to learn more.