Whether or not to spend money in online advertising has come up lately among our clients so we wanted to offer some wisdom to put a little finer point on ad spend rules of engagement. To be clear, there will likely come a time, hopefully, after we build your foundation of reputation, referrals, reactivation adn general online presence when it will be time to pay for advertising online. In the end, there is no better way to introduce yourself, or reintroduce yourself, to new audiences who might want what you offer. Whether or not this is on Google, Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, or wherever depends on a variety of factors so we hope this guide helps your decision-making. Of course, we guide our clients through this so we want to try and set some expectations.

Most importantly, you SHOULD pay for advertising if you have $500-$1,000 per month to spend on the ads alone. Most people who do what we do agree this is the starting point for it to begin to have maximum effect. That’s roughly $17-$33 per day and though more is always better this is truly the starting point. You SHOULD NOT buy ads if you don’t have this kind of money. This is especially true the larger your audience is as more territory covered equals higher rates. You can still do some organic posting on TikTok or some “like” campaigns in Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to gain traction for a lower price to start, but to really do things right this is the sweet spot.

You SHOULD have a specific goal or campaign to present before you start. You should have in mind what you want new prospects to do or a specific promotion with a time limit if you are just starting. You SHOULD NOT start ads without a set endpoint for now though you certainly can later. Urgency drives attention and is easier to gauge success. Plus, it’s easier to budget when your campaign is specifically defined.

Finally, in a similar way to how investors look for ideal targets where they make money, you SHOULD look for advertising places where you get good value for your money. TikTok is a great emerging market, but YouTube and Twitter are going through down-cycles and may hold great value if your business works in those spaces. Of course, a marketing strategist like JKL Works can guide you through this and you SHOULD NOT do it alone. Let’s talk about smart strategies for yoru ad spend for 20-minutes on a Discovery Call today.