Sorry, we have been largely quiet lately but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. This includes changing the way we do things so that we get you some value quickly in these tough times. We’ll address that more next time but for now we wanted to revisit which social media platforms are best for what. We hope this helps you:

– Facebook – still best for groups and “business pages”. Audience is active and all ages and still there, plus they’re kind of “blue collar”, so it’s definitely worth your ad money.

– Instagram – a visual platform that’s not good for posts like this but great for a photo, meme, or reposted TikTok video. Good for those who like posting, and looking at, pictures and videos. All ages on there.

– LinkedIn – Still best for B2B and related connections, transactions, and yes, advertising. People still don’t pay attention to their “company pages” but the new Groups feature is gaining traction against Facebook Groups. Market here for professionals.

– Twitter – Good for “real-time” posts and can cover video and photos but if immediacy isn’t your thing then I would pass. I would also not advertise there.

– YouTube – Great for ads right now, and they are trying to compete with TikTok with “YouTube Shorts” where your videos don’t have to be as professional. Otherwise, unless you are a content creator or can get it done then you shouldn’t bother for now posting there. If you can create a video, make it an ad to post there as there seems still to be a YouTube video for EVERYTHING.

– TikTok – still the darling of all with lots of tools for organic video posting. They are making organic even with ads now and your organic (not paid ad) videos go very far. There is a whole art to TikTok ads and posts that we can help with.

– Pinterest – Unless you have a craft, cooking, or demonstratable business, then Pinterest is probably not for you. If you have one of those businesses, however, itcertainly is worth your time and advertising.

– Finally, Gettr, Parler, TruthSocial, Gab, Rumble, and the rest. Without question these appeal to very specific communities which are mostly conservative. If you want to reach the group of people who want to vent at things, and each other, with products or services that appeal to them then these might be great bargains for yoru advertising.

Hope that summarizes it for you. We will break them down in greater detail in future posts. Let us know how we can help bring value to your advertising and customer-getting activities.